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Simha creates worldly and modern R&B hybrid pop. Experiencing the intersection of different cultures in the SF Bay Area, Simha grew up with an ear for both western and eastern musical influences. Sonic waves from North Indian Classical music to Jazz, he introduces a new element of discovery for his listeners. Expressing his heart and energy with lush soul harmonies and ethereal textures, his music is a fusion that has many layers of exploration. As a Queer South-Asian musician, Simha hopes to help claim space for Queer Bipoc artists in the jazz-leaning side of the industry.

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After So Long // बरसों बाद

The alternate title of the EP is “बरसों बाद”, which translates to “years later”. I moved to LA in 2018 and the following three and a half years were learning, unlearning, and recreating what I wanted to do in music. I wanted to create art, but I was unsure to what extent and how to reach a seemingly unattainable goal. After years of experiences, writing, and repeating the cycle, I realized that the biggest mental block that I had was me not learning about myself. So through my inner journey of mental health growth and spiritual growth, I birthed this project, which symbolizes me becoming reacquainted with myself – which never really ends – an experience I was able to capture in the interlude track of the EP. Although this project is truly personal, I do believe that it is not at all exclusive to me alone. Every single person I know has had this experience and continues to have this experience, which somehow makes the resolution bittersweet. I chose to end the EP with my song “Frequency Bias”, which is about indecisiveness, rather than ending it with “Gravity”, which is about acceptance. I did this because I don’t think it ever ends at acceptance, because even after we’ve accepted who we are and all the things we’ve gone through, we have to continue to make the choice of growth.

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After So Long // बरसों बाद 



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